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A Great Day Starts with Coffee

We take pride in making sure our whole staff is trained in the fine art (yes, art!) of coffee. From a classic Cappuccino to a quadruple-shot, almond milk “Dirty Chai,” extra hot — if you can dream up your ideal espresso drink, our friendly baristas can make it happen! 

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Coffee as Good as
The Donuts

Since the first Stan’s opened in 2014, our mission has always been to make Chicago’s best donuts. But “coffee” is in our name, too. Every day at Stan’s Donuts & Coffee, you can treat yourself to both: delicious donuts and an excellently-crafted cup of coffee.

Our commitment to quality coffee is as strong as our commitment to quality donuts, and our commitment to supporting other local businesses. Our coffee is roasted in the Midwest – made by a group that is as passionate about quality as we are, who produce some of the most thoughtfully sourced, craft-roasted, easy-drinking coffee around.

New to all stores is our very own cold brew! Stan’s Cold Brew is medium roasted to produce a smooth and delicate profile that offers a well-balanced drink, highlighting nutty and chocolaty tones and a natural, slightly sweet citrus taste with a pleasant finish. For an extra-smooth experience, try our Nitro Cold Brew and enjoy its velvety texture, or try our signature Chocolate Lightning that is made with Stan’s Cold Brew and our proprietary blend of chocolate milk! We also have a full range of espresso bar offerings.

Cold Brew vs. Iced Coffee

What's The Difference?

Cold Brew

Cold Brew Coffee is all the rage these days for a reason! Coarse-ground coffee beans are steeped in cold water over a period of 8-12 hours to create a smooth and refreshing cup without the acidity that comes from hot-water brewing methods. Here at Stan’s, we’re proud to offer cold brew coffee on tap from a variety of Chicago roasters, including Big Shoulders, and our own cold brew in convenient cans to go!

●   Steeped in cold water

●  Takes approximately 24 hours

●  Requires 2x the coffee grinds for a bolder flavor

●  Double the amount of caffeine

●  Smoother mouth flavor

●  Chocolate notes

Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is brewed in the traditional way, with hot water, then poured over ice. Since this doesn’t result in as concentrated a drink as the slower extraction of the cold brew method, a bit higher coffee-to-water ratio is necessary to account for the ice’s dilution. 

●   Brewed hot, then chilled

●  Takes approximately 10 minutes

●  Uses Stan's Dark Roast for a robust flavor

●  Standard amount of caffeine

●  More acidic and bitter but can be balanced

●  Caramel and Cola notes